Future Students

The mission of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences is to provide a pre-doctoral educational experience that will train experimentalists and scholars prepared for a wide range of careers in biomedical science. The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences curriculum is designed to provide maximum flexibility for the training of biomedical research scientists. The educational goals of are to promote biological literacy by providing core and advanced curricula covering key chemical, biological and genetic principles using molecular, cellular and physiological approaches, and to promote scholarship in biomedical science through mentored, original research.

The biomedical research training experience for graduate students continues outside the classroom through career development, community service, and social activities organized jointly by the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate Student Organization.

Graduate student admission is determined by a faculty committee representing all advanced programs. Students enter the program with no formal commitment to any advanced program or research laboratory, and may choose from the entire Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences faculty for first-year laboratory rotations and ultimately for their dissertation mentor. For more information please email [email protected] or call (352) 392-5461.